Poetry Links 

NPR’s Daily Poetry: a poem for every day, plus trivia
Word Play: Sometimes I think they’re great, sometimes the odd interface bothers me.
Snow on Roses (Tandaina): Several poems a week and I’m always sad I don’t have more time to read them. Fabulous rainy day activity: click the poems link and just read.
Mathematical Poetry: Poems in a visual, mathematically inspired way. Feeds my visual self and gets away with building relationships between ideas without using more words. Information and poetry about many more poets than you are likely to need.


Blogging Episcopalians: hasn’t been updated in awhile (which is why I’m not in it), but some very interesting links.

The RevGalPals: An intentional internet community of faith.  And really cool people.

Invisible Illness: Some time check the category ‘Health Stuff’, or ‘surgery’, or go back and read some of what I posted in the first six months.  I live with invisible illnesses.  A lot of people do.  We aren’t alone. 

But You Don’t Look Sick: Yeah, I’m lucky.  Sometimes I don’t even feel sick.  Those are good days.  Not every day can be a good day.  I’m not alone.  No one is. 

Also, ChronicBabe.  Life can be harder, but it’s my life and I will live it.


Health Care Reform

I support Health Care for America Now




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