The most recent headers are at the top.  Not because it makes sense as much as because it’s a little easier for me.  Most of these images are cropped from photographs I took.

Snowy Mountainssnowy mountains

Clouds–What do you see?cropped-dsc_0100.jpg

Snow melting off the roof.  Spring!  (Almost.)

A rosary for Lent.  This is one of my favorite rosaries.


A tree in fall’s splendor.  Taken outside of one of my doctor’s offices.

One of my favority views.  Seeing this island means it is summer.

Tulips for summer and brightness.

The Mountain That Means Home for post-graduation, pre-job life.

Then the apple blossoms from Near Where I Lived.

Next were the yellow orchids, I believe.  A post surgery gift from a friend.

Very quickly I switched to the penguins.  😉  (This is the only header to-date that I have not taken myself.)

First there was the standard, came with the template image.