My is Byrde and this is the space in which I write. Frequently poetry, often life updates (especially health related), and some general musings about theology, The Episcopal Church, books I’m reading, and whatever I’m forgetting.

The (very) short biography:  I am seriously Episcopalian (enough so to get ordained), and temporarily young and healthy.

As annoying as it may be, the best way to get to know me is to read. However, here are some posts that will help you figure out who I am and where I’ve been.

Some of my favorite poems:

My First Post
Sunday Morning
These Days
tears of the world
What I want
Deserts and Fire
Today, for the first time

Poetry being ‘the impish attempt to paint the color of the wind’. (Maxwell Bodenheim)

Pieces of my story:

Later this Week
One Year Later, part 1
One Year Later, part 2

Some of my musings:

What do you do?
My Uniform

I can be reached through comments.