Months and two posts ago I indicated that I was rethinking my online presence.

And then my fall got all kinds of interesting.  A little bit was normal fall interesting of long hours and busy schedule; some was some unique job stuff I’m not talking about here (don’t worry, everything is good and I’m talking to people and being healthy and sane); and some of it was health stuff I choose not to talk about here for a lot of reasons (short version: while interfering with my life it was ultimately easy enough to deal with).

I never stopped thinking, I just also never had the creative energy to make a decision or do anything.

But somewhere in between everything else I made a decision.  This blog isn’t the best space for a lot of the writing I want to do, feel compelled to be doing.  If you know me in other parts of the internet, you may have already seen and read some of that other writing.  If you haven’t, more will be coming and more attention will be paid drawn to it.  If you don’t know me in other areas of my life and want to follow me, email me.

I’m leaving this blog up.  I will be changing some of the information.  I’m not even ruling out coming back and writing more here.  I just am not making any commitment to how often that will be.

Until next time