I used to write here a lot.  Once upon a time it was mostly poetry.

Then a few weeks ago, I had a post up and when I wrote it there were, well words and they expressed thoughts and ideas.  Only when I looked at it, there were no words.  Problem.

It was a good post.  It was relevant and there were other things that I had to say in follow up.  It will be a good post again.  And there will still be things to say after I re-write that post.

But right now.  Right now life is crazy.  I have put in hours that I won’t confess to because, well, I don’t need more voices telling me this pace is unsustainable.  I know this.  But right now, this is what I need to do.  And I like my job.  Even when it’s a little bit crazy.

So, hang in there.  I’ll try to get things up.  But it could be a few more weeks before anything of substance appears, or reappears.