I’ll get back to the stories I mentioned in my last post.  First, there are things that have happened here in my life.  Last week my car broke down.  Really broke down.  Not going to start again broke down.

I live in a big state where even being on the Interstate doesn’t guarantee cell coverage, so that was the first thing that went in our favor. (Roommate who is new to my life and apartment and unlikely to appear here often was with me.)  The next thing was that I have the dealership where that car gets–um got its service done in my cell phone.  So a call to them and they called the dealership in the town closer to us and shortly a tow truck is coming.  Immediate problem #1 solved.  We would shortly not be in a broken down car on the side of the interstate.

We would still not have a working car and be in the wrong town and need to be in the right town by early tomorrow morning.  But those problems would be for later.

The tow truck came, and took the car and us to the Other Dealership.  The nice people there fit looking at the car into their schedule and offered to drop us off at the local mall.  It was going to be a couple of hours.

Friend who lives in that City caught up with us at a bookstore.  (Being my friend, he was not shocked to find me in a bookstore.)  And the car people called back to say that the car was definitively really broken.  Not going to be fixed today and possibly not at all broken.

So now we had a couple of other problems.  I drive the car.  I take care of the car.  My parents own the car.  (I love my parents.)  And it was now time to call them and tell them the really bad news.  Also, to ask for guidance.  Quickly the game plan becomes convince Original Dealership to come get car and see what they can see.  Which leaves me with the problem of being stuck in the wrong town, now carless, with Roommate.

Remember Friend who lives in the City?  And how he showed up at the bookstore?  In his car?  Yep.

That became Plan A.  (At this time I had two other plans before we wound up calling Roommate’s boyfriend.)  Friend, who is delightful and wonderful, is about to prove how delightful and wonderful he is by volunteering to drive us home.  His conditions: he’d like to eat and change first.  (He also asked for gas money, but I don’t count that as it saved me from insisting.)

We left HomeTown a little after 9 that morning.  We got home at 8:30.  It wasn’t the day we planned.  It wasn’t a great day.  But it wasn’t a terrible day either.

Mostly because I had a little help from some friends.  Some of it I asked for directly.  Some of it was offered.  Some I would keep asking for in the coming days.  Roommate’s comment when we got home was, “You are very good at asking for help.”

I still don’t know what to say in reply.