Camp has been….

Kids learning to speak one at a time (or us trying to get them to learn this); Ospreys trying to kill me (I swear); paperwork (which I will never escape from, this I have accepted); not having enough time to enjoy these delightful little people; getting to witness kids really engage, at least occasionally; watching kids being kids; and occasionally teaching them a little latin or obscure Church.

And somewhere in there, in all of that crazy, busy, multi-headache, no spare time, week, I started feeling calmer.  Maybe part of it is knowing that I’m going back to my own life where there is a whole other crazy, busy, often headache inducing, with little to no spare time type of life waiting for me.  But I’m also going back to my own bed, my own cooking (though the food has been wonderful), my parishioners, and my own schedule.

And I’ll be back here.  Starting next week.  Maybe I’ll tell you a few Camp stories…..