Among everything else I’ve been up to in the past month or two, I’ve added a doctor to my collection.  With my life seeming stable for the near future and a neurologist in town who was taking new patients, it seemed like a good time to deal with my headaches.

I could go on with a long list of accolades for my neurologist.  Fabulous doctor.  And when I said, “This is my reality.”  She took me seriously.  I was diagnosed with migraines.  And I left her office with new prescriptions.

I take more pills every day now.  But they work.  They work so well that they stopped the headaches I didn’t know I was still having every day.  They haven’t (yet) stopped every headache I have.  There’s a good chance that they won’t.  I know that and my doctor knows that.

I have new pills, which I don’t like, but yesterday, today, and tomorrow are better.