Today my head hurt.  A lot.  It doesn’t take much poking around in my archives to discover that this happens.  It happens often enough that I have a whole bunch of posts talking about headaches.  But today was different.

Today was different because it was the first day in nearly a week that my head had hurt.  I have a new doctor who has me on a new medication which is working.  The third fact more than makes up for the first and second facts.

Today was different because the new doctor gave me a second medication which actually makes the pain stop.  Hence the me sitting up, with the lights on, and typing right now.

And today was different because today I could tell people that I had a migraine, not a bad headache.  And they respected that as a different kind of problem.  Not that my head hurt more or differently than it had a few weeks ago or last year.  Even though my head has hurt more than it did today.  Part of me knows that this is due to my access to health care and the credibility our society gives to doctors and that I should try to resist.  But today was different because people believed me when I told them the pain was bad.

And all of this is why, when the new doctor looked at me and said that my headaches sounded like migraines, I said, “Thank you.”  Thank you for believing me.  Because now other people do too.