I’m mentioning it more often.  It’s not that I ever insist on not talking about my surgeries, it’s just that I also don’t insist on taking about it.  And in the last few weeks I have taken opportunities that I usually would have passed on.  At the slightest opening, I’ve mentioned my surgeries.

It isn’t a mystery to me.  The second anniversary of my third surgery is next week.

My surgeries are on my mind.  I’m trying to figure out what this means.  I’ve survived two years since my last surgery.  And it doesn’t feel like two years.  It feels like one year.  Which, in some ways, it has been.  A month or so ago was the one year anniversary of the end of The Headache.  Which means that it’s only been a year since there wasn’t something significant and negative going on in my body.

Today this is what I know.  Every surgery is different.  Every recovery is different.  And I’m not done talking, speaking, writing about that.