I was having dinner with a friend last night and she asked what a typical day in my life was like now.  I laughed.  But, for the curious, and as a non-apology for not having anything else to write, here’s (some of) what I’ve been doing:

  • cleaning out a (small) church basement
  • reading various sets of bylaws
  • getting a long un-used office ready to be used
  • prepping for a vestry meeting
  • taking cats to the vet
  • liturgical planning for Ash Wednesday
  • liturgical planning for Holy Week
  • scheduling, publicizing, and planning a vestry/parish retreat
  • scheduling, publicizing, and planning a Lenten Ed series
  • various meetings with people
  • starting to set up a website for a church
  • and other things that escape me at this moment

I am not disappearing from here.  I still have many things to say (and few of them will be about my job).  I just don’t have the energy to say them now.  Be patient with me.  Please be patient with me.