So the Good Things include a job offer.  Which I have accepted.  Today is actually my first official day.  It is one of those jobs where the people who accept are either crazy, listening to God’s call, or both.  (Never rule out the both option.)  I am rector of two little churches a stones throw, or slightly more, from the congregation who helped raise me.  Both are fabulous places with amazingly faithful people who need to grow.  So the question before me is what do I do?

I am surrounded by people who love me.  By people who tell me that I will succeed.  By people who trust and believe in my ability to succeed.  By people who tell me, pastorally, that failure would not be interpreted as a reflection upon my own abilities.  And I have a responsibility to faithful people that I have willingly and joyfully undertaken.  So what do I do?

I have two places that need a lot of things they will readily name.  People usually coming at the top of the list, money a close second.  However, my answer is not high on their list.  They We need to proclaim and live the Gospel.

If all we worry about is money or numbers or anything else, we will die.  If we forsake all those idols, the blessings that God has already bestowed  upon us will grow and spread into a future beyond what we can ask or imagine.

I know that this is harder to do than it is to say.  I also know, not believe but know, that, to steal from Ephesians, God working in us can do more than we can ask or imagine.

And so, emboldened by a faith in a God of miracles, a trust that no good work is ignored or forgotten, I am the rector of two small parishes.  And we will seek to proclaim the Gospel.