A friend lost a parent this week.  It is not my story to tell, but the death was not unexpected and prayers for S and family would be appreciated.

It felt as though my world had ended
when my loved one died
and I have come to the knowledge that this
was perfectly normal,
though nothing was normal or right.
Of course, I felt that the world had ended
because it had,
the world in which my loved one had lived
had ended and was no more.
Never again would I see their smile,
or hear their voice.
Never again would I be able to ask advice
or seek a hug from those arms.
The world I had lived in was over.
And I have come think,
that mourning is this task of
saying goodbye not just to a person
but to the world that was
getting use to a new world,
one you never wanted to live in.

written January 2010