I have much to be thankful for today.  Family, friends, good food, laughter.  But when I saw Christine’s invitation, I wrote something only tangentially related to all of that.

It is a task I have put off
for years and years and
years longer than I should
but now I finally sit
surrounded by piles and piles of
books I want to want to keep
but I also know that,
as much as this one was read
the year my life fell apart,
and that one is from my friend,
and that each has a story
of how I found them
not all will stay.
So I pick each one up and
remember and decide
and the pile by the door grows
and the shelves become
sparser and neater
and I give thanks for the
stories I am recalling
and the new stories
whose space is now waiting

written 11-23-09