Although not many people would be able to figure this out, my preaching is often related to my poetry.  Somehow they are creatively linked for me.  Which means that I sometimes wind up writing a poem that reflects my sermon.  Sometimes I turn towards poetry to help me figure out what I’m trying to say in my sermon.  Which is where this poem started.

I have called you by so many names
God, Father, Mother, Christ, Spirit
King, Prince of Peace, Wonderful, Counselor,
Lord of Lords, King of Kings,
and a host of others, sung or prayed
in concert with others who love you
And I have called you by more
friend, lover, Deity, Beloved
titles that I murmured in my own
conversations with you
I have named you by your actions:
Calmer of Waves and Healer of Persons
Forgiver of Sins and Encourager.
I have
referred to you with respect
spat at you in anger
joked about you when seeking levity
cried to you in grief, sorrow, and trouble
whispered in awe-struck gratitude
In the worst moments I have said nothing
staring and waiting for you and the world
to move around me
And in all this, by any name and through
every emotion and in each moment
You have been
Just as you promised,
“You shall be my people and I shall be your God.”

written 11-20-09

The funny thing was I wrote this, thought it didn’t provide the insight I was looking for, set both projects aside, and came back to discover that this was exactly where I was headed.