Christine is back from some amazing trips and offering another poetry party.  This week she invites us to honor our ancestors and supplies this image.

honoring the ancestors

The door leading out of this life
is a place I have spent time near
but never clearly seen,
and I have to wonder if any
of us on this side have.
I suspect (and hope) this threshold
can only be seen as and after we cross it.
I lingered long enough to have
invested time wondering
what my greeting might be.
The solemnity of that moment,
hopefully distant,
might lend itself to reverent silence,
but I find myself wishing for the
ongoing clamor of a party,
for the welcoming noise of friends,
long separated, catching up.
And I imagine the stories I’ll tell
and the stories I’ll hear,
and live in anticipation
of what will come next.

written 11-06-09