I have always been able to read in the car.  On short car trips or miles of twisty windy roads, I can happily become absorbed in a world of words.  I love a nice boat ride.  Turbulence on planes doesn’t bother me.  Neither do any of the fair rides–roller coasters, zippers, anything.

But on days like this, days where my head hurts and my eyes can’t focus, days where I can’t quite figure out where the world actually is.  On these days I think I have begun to understand motion sickness.


It is the middle of a long 4 day weekend.  I knew that this was coming and I knew it would be long and wearing.  And I knew that headaches were a likely part of it.  Fortunately, the eye thing is currently more than the pain thing.    Better yet I will end the weekend with a friend who will let me crash and debrief and enjoy the amazing cable.  But right now, the world is not always where I see it.