I don’t spend a lot of time using this space to comment on current issues.  In fact, I could probably number the posts in which I have on one hand.  It’s not because I don’t care.  I do.  It’s because that’s never what I meant for this space to be.  I meant this space to be a lot less than it is now.  And I have an opinion.

A nation-wide debate has broken out over health-care.  Specifically over Obama’s proposed national answer to the problems that are in our current healthcare system.

As someone who has had three brain surgeries, as someone who remembers the over-the-phone debates with the PPO about covering her mother’s cancer care, as someone who is currently paying more than $600/month to maintain insurance coverage, I have an opinion.  (If you know me, I trust you are not surprised.)

I believe that every person has the right to be as healthy as they choose to be.  I believe that no person should have to weigh going to the doctor against being able to feed themselves.  I believe that emergency rooms should not need to be the first line of health care for the poor.  I believe that our children should receive the healthcare they need to grow into strong adults.  I believe that none of these things need to happen.  And I know that they do.

I know that nationally based health care solutions will cost money.  I also know that our country has spent the last 7 years (I’m being conservative)engaged in one or more military actions to the tune of billions of dollars a year.  We have chosen to allow our government to spend this money because we believed it was important.  If we decide that allowing every citizen the opportunity to be healthy is important the cost will not be the deciding factor.

This is a choice that the next generation will (rightfully) judge us by.  This is a choice that will affect the health of the next generation.

I believe that a single-payer system is a solution.   A solution that we can make a reality.  I believe that we can take actions that will make a difference.  I know that we need a public health care option.

I believe that all we need is to do is decide that health care matters.  That everyone should have equal access to a doctor, to medications, to tests.  That health is not optional or out of reach for anyone.

The question is: will we?

I’ve written my representative and senator.  (HCAN makes this easy.)

I’d like to think you’d all agree with me.  But, regardless, have an opinion.  Be informed.  Be upset or elated at what happens.

Decide if this matters to you.  Act.