Max Lucado
180 pages (not counting discussion guide)
2009, Thomas Nelson Publishers

In Fearless Max Lucado covers the very timely topic of how and why fear can become the driving force in life. And why fear should never be the driving force in life. As Lucado himself writes, “Fear seems to be in the driver’s seat these days. People are troubled and anxious. Finances are tumbling, rockets are launching, and seemingly solid institutions are teetering. It’s tough for folks to know where to turn.” Lucado’s recommendation of turning to faith in God may be predictable, but his presentation lacks any hint of being shallow or cliched. Lucado is honestly presenting a map of how fear can entangle us and why we shouldn’t let it.

The caveats that I would offer to Lucado’s book are few. First, as Lucado mentions in passing, fear exists for a reason. It is our built-in method of knowing when to pay more attention because things are potentially dangerous. Healthy fear is not what Lucado is talking about, of course. Lucado is talking about excess fear. (My second caveat.) Excess fear is dangerous and should be avoided. Excess fear is also increasingly and depressingly common today. Lucado knows this and approaches this problem with a discerning and pastoral heart and pen. Fearless is a book worth reading for those caught up in the fears of their lives or for those seeking to understand this reality.