Camp is only a few minutes by power boat or a leisurely hour by kayak (I’ve not yet talked about the open-water kayaks Camp has, have I?) from an island which is also a state park.  We try to give the kids (and staff) the chance to enjoy that resource as much as possible.  This photo is from a day long trip I got to be a part of because we had an abundance of priests and thus one of us could go and celebrate Eucharist on the island with that small group.  I got to do this a couple of times and it was always great.  A small group, a necessarily and delightfully smaller and informal Eucharist, some sun, some water.  The kids also seemed to enjoy it.

off the island

I believe that this may draw to a close my pictoral remembrance of the summer.  There are more stories, of course, but none that I can tell, at least right now.  And I have a few other things waiting.