Summer StuffWhen I recall the work of this summer, these are the items that I will remember: my waterbottle with a hairband on it, my stole, and my Book of Common Prayer/Bible.  Most days involved these items.  At Camp Eucharist is celebrated every morning we have campers–which means every morning except Sunday, oddly.  Our day is packed–we moved faily directly from one activity to another.  Which means that I regularly tracked my belongings down in the office, or near the bathroom, or in another random building or place far away from where I tried to keep them.  And, as we try to take advantage of our location, that means that these things have been shoved in bags, carried off-site, lightly soaked (the BCP/Bible has a few pages which have light water damage and you can see how one corner has been bent), and I know I’ve dropped everything except the stole.  None of these items is the means of ministry.  Not even the BCP/Bible.  They are tools.  This summer they were tools I used.