Yesterday was became a Bad Day.  The day started with a nuisance to mild type of headache–bad enough for drugs, but otherwise manageable.  By the end of the day I was in medium-evil headache land.

(Of interest my headache pain scale does not include bad.  We start at nuisance (noticeable and maybe drugs), move up to mild (very noticeable, definitely drugs), next is medium (good drugs, slow thoughts, and please leave me alone), then there’s evil (good but inadequate drugs; decapitation and homicide begin to sound like reasonable options).)

Yesterday things weren’t evil unless I decided to do something crazy like move or be around food or noise or bright light.  I spent a good portion most of the afternoon and all of the evening laying down hoping the pain would go away.  And when I woke up this morning it was…better.

Not gone.  But no longer an evil vicious monster.  Today sounds still bother me and there’s some residual pain.  Food has not always been a good idea–particularly if it has a smell and is served in a loud room.  But I’ve eaten.  Today I can think like myself.  People have asked how I am and said, “today you look better.”   Today has been better.

Maybe tomorrow will be good.