Faith and Pop Culture

Chrisitianity Today International Study Series

Thomas Nelson Publishing

125 pages, 8 week discussion series.

Christianity Today has compiled this 8 week study series about how faith and culture do and should intersect. Each of the eight week’s sessions are set up with an article about the topic and a series of questions. The questions are divided into sections more appropriate for the beginning, middle, and end of the discussion. I was deeply impressed by the fact that the authors of the articles at no time prescribed how Christians are to interact with culture and media, instead they raised important questions and invite the readers to ponder these issues with them.

Overall I was deeply impressed with Faith and Pop Culture. Christianity Today selected excellent authors and articles that invite real thought and discussion throughout the 8 weeks. Reading through the questions and suggested small group activities, I thought that I might choose a slightly different approach or question from time to time. At the same time, the thoroughness of the questions would make it possible for less or in-experienced leaders to work through this with a small group. I found this study deeply interesting and would recommend it.