Yesterday, Pentecost, I was ordained as a priest in The Episcopal Church.  The entire weekend became a family and friend filled lead up to a wonderful service.  And it was wonderful.  It was the end of seven years of work in The Process.  It is the beginning of a journey.  And it was not my own.

This journey is not my own
They ask about me
They ask about my interests
They ask about my education
They ask about my health
They ask about my grades
They ask about my jobs
They ask about my family
And they listen to my replies
Because they care
Because they’ve been there
When I was little and precocious
When I was older and obnoxious
When there was tragedy in my family
When I was taking the earliest steps on this path
When I left for college and again for seminary
When I came back for ordination
And today, a day of culmination and beginning,
Their voices join together in pledging
The support they have already shown
Because I am theirs
A fact which bothers me not at all,
For they are mine
Our journeys are not our own
We belong to each other

written 5-13-09