As many of you may not know, I read obsessively.  I think I’m currently in the middle of (meaning I could pick any of them up and continue reading them easily) about 10-15 books.  Right now I think those piles currently contain some theology, history, general fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and a couple of memoirs.  It is useful to know this before I continue.

One of the things that will begin to appear here will be book reviews.  (cheers may commence now, or not)  I think that this is worthy of comment because while some of the books I have slated for this will be just off of my own personal reading list, some of the books will be from Thomas Nelson publishers.   They have a great set up where they will send books to bloggers who are willing to write a review to post on their blog and on a major on-line booksellers website.  They encourage honesty and let us pick our own books, so I’ll only be reading things I want to read, I’ll be providing my own opinion, and some of the books will be free.  All future book reviews will be the book title and author’s name.  Just so you know.