Christine is hosting another Poetry Party over at The Abbey of the Arts.  She often invites people to respond poetical to an image/idea she hold up for us.  It’s always amazing to see the responses people find–either in their own work or in someone else’s.  This time she invites us to consider the role of Guardians of the Threshold. 


They sit at the doorways,
Crouch at the tops of walls,
Watching, always watching
They stand inside
Wearing all sorts of apparel
Talking, about ideals and the impossible
About what they should all do
and rarely manage
To look, to listen, is to hear “no”
No, how can you think of going in
No, you can’t begin to try
No, why would you want to
Until you realize that the faces watching
Look so closely in hope that
You’ll come nearer
Until you realize that the people talking
Say such impossible things
So that they too can try to believe
Until you realize that you’re the only one saying no

written 5-13-09