roadside cross

I grew up with these.  In my life little white crosses have always been roadside markers noting deaths in car accidents.  

And I’ve always known what they represented.

trio of crosses

They cover my state.  

On some roads they are frequent.  On some roads they are rare.  But they occur every where.

On the sharp, obviously risky corners.

 On the straight, seemingly innocuous stretches.  

People have died.  Singly, in groups, people have died.

side by side

They don’t tell the story.

Was it alcohol, or speed, or a bad choice?  

Was someone there and nothing could be done?  

Or did help arrive too late?

with a wreath
Of course, none of that matters.

These crosses exist to remind us that people die on our roads. Where we are right now.

They remind me of the lives which are now less complete.  

Of the people who loved and who miss those the crosses represent.

For them I pray.  Every time.