holylentI originally wrote (and posted) this during Advent a couple of years ago, but several of the recent daily office readings from Jeremiah have reminded me of it.  In rereading it, I find I’m still caught by these words.  And I think that this poetic confluence points to the similarity between Advent and Lent, which I’ll clearly be spending more time on now.  

These are the days…

Days when wars will rage
When illnesses come
When families are torn apart
These days are now

Days of pain and sorrow
Days when tears roll down cheeks
And sobs consume our breath
These days are now

Days when joy seems to pale
As we peer around defenses
Erected in metal and mind
These days are now

These are the days
When our lives are not as we would choose
When the world seems cold and cruel
These days are now

The days are surely coming,
Says the Lord, the Holy One,
When will justice will roll like a river
And the Wise King will reign with
Righteousness will never to fail,

In those days that are coming.
Written 12/1/07