So, two bloggers I enjoy have done similar things in the past week.  Christine at the Abbey titled her’s “Seven Things Making My Heart Sing Today”; Sarah at Seeking to Build a Bridge titled hers “‘Seven Things I Love’ Saturday.”  Lent is just beginning to end.  My life has had it’s challenges this past week or so.  And I thought I could use an exercise in remembering joy.  So….

  1. My family.  They drive me nuts sometimes, as I’m sure I do them.  But because of them I’ve always known there were people who loved me.  And there still are.
  2. My friends.  Okay, these first two are a bit of cliches, but cliches exist because they are true.  And my friends, who put up with my idiosyncrasies, hold my hand in bad times, visit me in the hospital, and rejoice when things are good.  I try to do the same.
  3. Books.  I’m a bibliophile.  I read for education, challenge, pleasure, to stave off boredom, and to escape from life.  I honestly think I’m incapable of traveling with out at least 5 or 6 books, plus, as an Episcopalian, my BCP and Bible.  And whatever books land in my bags during my travels.
  4. Cats.  Well, all pets really, but I’m a cat person at heart.  There’s something amazing about sitting and petting an animal while reading.  Not that either of the cats I currently live with are real big on that…
  5. Earrings.  Dangling ones.  Because they are pretty.  (And this falls under the category of things I never would have thought I’d be saying.)
  6. In the same vein:  Shoes.  Because they are pretty too.  (And again, never would have thought.)
  7. Writing.  I like words.  I like playing with them.  I like trying to line words up so that they say what I mean.  It sounds easier than it often is.