holylentToday’s reading from Romans 8. The 18th verse reads, “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory about to be revealed to us.” It stuck with me today.

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed that life is hard. I know that life is especially hard right now. And I’m scared and angry and hurt by that. And I’m tired of hearing people tell me that things will get better, that all of my anger and fear are not helpful, that life is more than the scary and hurtful. It’s not that they aren’t right. They are. Life is more than the scary and hurtful. Just being angry and afraid is not enough. But I am angry, afraid, and hurt. I am those things because right now life is not easy. My life has elements that are hurtful and scary and which make me angry. There is more to my life than that. But these are parts of my life. Things will get better. But this is now.

We are taught that our now-suffering
is nothing compared to the not-yet-glory
and my blind faith says that this is indeed so
that all of the horrible of today will fade like
washed out colors when the splendor
that will be becomes
but now, with all the suffering,
all I can see is the bright red of blood,
the deep purples and blues of bruising,
the raw pink of scarring,
bright and screaming for attention,
for tears, for the acknowledgement
that the glory is not-yet

written 3-26-09