I usually have a great system for keeping track of what I’ve written, what I’ve written and posted, and what I don’t intend to post.  This is one area where I’ve been quite good at staying organized.  Except for a glitch last week.  I’d written about this event, saved the poem, and then when I went to find it to post it, it wasn’t there.  The file was, but none of the words.  So I’ll always wonder if this rewriting is as good as the original.  But the evening was better than I can express.

it had been a long day
followed by a long voyage
and a short walk to a dark empty room
because the event I thought was that
night wasn’t, or so I was told after a
short phone call. but instead of
turning around to face another
long voyage home to an empty room
I was invited up to a room with books
all around and supper simmering
on the stove, in to conversation,
to fellowship, before returning to
my place and a good night’s sleep
I experienced hospitality

written (again) 3-16-09

Everyone should have people willing to do this for them in their lives. I am better because I have.