holylentThe official line about my Lenten discipline  is that I’m adding elements of lectio divina to my reading of the Daily Office.  (For any non-Church geek readers I have Wikipedia has a very general article and there is a great site with the Episcopal daily liturgies and readings here.)  The reality is that I am spending enough time with the readings for each day to write something.  So far some of it has been interesting, some has been good, and some is never going to be seen by anyone else.  This was written in response, in conversation with the Gospel readings for Friday and Saturday, John 1:35-51.

“Come and see”, he said to them
long dusty roads and tired feet
pressing crowds and desperate pleas
unexplainable miracles and ordinary meals
Roman guards and wooden crosses
An empty tomb and new body

Come and see, he calls to us
old buildings and fraying fabrics
worried congregants
energy without direction
passion without knowledge
long hours and bitter conflicts
fear based reactions

and they came and saw
and we came and saw
the faith-filled faithful
wearing old buildings through another decade
and dreaming dreams of sparkling futures
dedicated ones who refuse to let fear dictate
stumbling blocks to be used as cornerstones