3 days left.  Of Advent, that is.  As Advent comes to a close it seems appropriate for the last Sunday to be about choices.   About David and Mary and Paul and the choices they made to respond to God with “Yes.”  None of them were the expected servants of God.  We have an adulterer and murder, an inconsequential young girl, and an enthusiastic persecutor of Jesus’ followers.  But this Sunday’s readings aren’t about that.  The readings are about David’s desire (never to be realized) to build a house for the Lord, about Paul’s proclamation of the Gospel, about Mary’s willingness to say yes.  And the readings are about their pasts.  Because God choose these people.  despite murder and adultery and anonymity and notoriety.  Just like God chooses us despite _______.

surely not here
in the midst of my life
with it’s relationships
filled with love and fighting
not here, in my house
which needs cleaning
(and let’s not talk about the junk closet)
not here
where I don’t call my family or friends
at least, not enough
not here
where I don’t do all that I should
and do (too often) things I shouldn’t
not here
not me
not now
and then I turn around to find
Divine Presence, loving

written 12/21/2008