When I first read the lessons for last Sunday I thought of this poem I wrote back in October.  It was really close to what I wanted to say this week.  But as I was reading the Gospel on Sunday, I realized that these readings were more personal.  The question “Who are you?” is one we hear at other times in the Gospel.  It’s a question worth asking.  It’s an answer worth pondering.

Who are you?
I know my answer,

I am the one who is scared
who doesn’t know where to go
who isn’t sure how to do things

I am the one who doesn’t trust
that I can, or should, try
to make things different

I am, just me
sitting here, making it through the day
ready, maybe, for tomorrow

Who are you?
I know the answer

I am the Beloved of God
called to preach peace and love
called to reach out to others

I am annointed, set apart
sent to the captives, the brokenhearted
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

I know what the answer
should be….

written 12-16-08