In case none of you have noticed, I love Advent.  So you can expect the Advent peoms to continue.  Once again, this was inspired by the lessons from Sunday which can be found here.

It was Gabriel for Mary,
a dream for Joseph,
a star for the Magi,
angels for the shepherds,
and John in the desert,
messengers of the Most High.

Sent to say,
“Here is your God”
“Make ready”
“New things are coming”
“The world will not be the same”
“You will not be the same”

We tell their stories
We ponder, with Mary,
these things in our hearts
We reflect on the change that came
Marvel at the miracle
Marvel that we get to play our part

But do we?
Do we proclaim
“Here is our God”?
Do we challenge that
“New things are coming”?
Do we tell how
we are not the same?
Do we prepare the way of the Lord?
For we too are messengers of the Most High.

written 12-8-08