If the only prayer you ever say in your whole is “thank you,” that would be enough.

Several years ago I first heard this quote from Meister Eckhart.  It certainly captures a beautiful ideal and points us toward a better awareness of all that we have.  (Especially those of us sitting in the first world without fear of enough food or lack of shelter.)  That said, I’m not sure Eckhart is completely correct.  (Based on absolutely no context for this quote.)  My understanding of God, especially God-become-Man in Jesus, is that God wants an incredibly broad and deep relationship with each of us.  That “Thank you” is important, because we have received so much, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to complain, have tantrums, ask, and generally make nuisances out of ourselves too.  

Gratitude is hard.  It’s hard to remember to be thankful for feet and hands that work.  For families and friends that love us.  For the world around us.  For the chance to live.  It’s hard for me today, this week, this month.  Life is not going as I planned and involves way too much pain.  (Yes, The Headache is still with me.)  Gratitude is hard.  I’m working on it.