went well. Because of the distances involved, it was a 12 hour round trip. (About 4.5 hours there, 4.5 hours back, some time in the waiting room, a couple of stops for food and/or gas, it all adds up.)

The doctor I saw, radiation neurosurgeon, was as helpful as he could be. He doesn’t see anything on the latest MRI, which is good news. So he wants to keep my on some drugs to try and reduce what we believe to be the inflammation in my third cranial nerve. So, another couple of pills, plus some more pain pills, for another few weeks.  When pushed the doctor indicated about 50%/50% odds that this will be effective.

If this doesn’t work, and by work I mean makes the pain and double vision go away, it currently sounds like I’ll be expanding my list of doctors. For instance, visiting a neurologist may provide some other treatment methods than exploratory surgery to look for inflammation not visible on the MRI.  (Something I am NOT open to.)  

It went well.  It wasn’t the resounding, “Yes, this is the problem and here’s how we can address it” that I would like.   But I don’t feel stymied.  I feel like there are still options and is still hope that there will be an answer.  In the meantime, they upgraded the kind of pain pills they are willing to prescribe me.  (I’m not actually sure that’s a good thing….sure your pain is so bad, have better drugs…)