A few weeks ago I was at a large meeting.  Remember a few weeks ago?  Life was pretty much the same, gas was a little higher and the stock market and economy were in trouble.  This particular meeting involved a lot of people who are facing a number of other troubling issues.  A lot of people spent time talking, in sermons, in meetings, in addresses.  Most of those people got close, but this is what I wanted to hear.

Feel that, sliding down your back,
coating your shoulders,
dripping from your hair?
the cool silvery trace
which advances as
the papers bring shivers
and the weather warms
as we fill gas tanks
and empty wallets
as we watch death tolls rise
and markets fall

but remember
we are chosen
and the silver running down
is oil, blessed oil
reminding us
of who we are
and prodding us
to minister to
this broken world

written 10-4-08

My issue was mostly one of nuance. I needed to hear that where I was, where I still am, is reasonable, acceptable, and then I need to be prodded out into the world. Nuanced one way, this works. Nuanced another way, I spend too much time feeling hurt or defensive to hear the call to ministry.
The world around me, and I trust around you, has not gotten much rosier in the last two weeks. I’m still struggling to remember that this is true. That I am beloved and sent.