Embodiment is a tough concept for me.  A friend recently pointed out that I’ve spent about a third of my life dealing with surgery or the concomitant health issues.  Nearly my entire adult existence.  So the concept of living in my body is something I’ve had more than one occasion to reflect on.  Kristin’s comment about loving our bodies on this post prompted me to try to write some of this out.  Thanks Kristin!

Our bodies are incredibly fragile.  They break.  Whether bones, or skin, or viruses, or bacteria.  They do strange things.  Grow tumors or stop working or start working in new ways.  Our bodies are incredibly intricate systems that don’t like it when little things become different.  And eventually any problem will be brought to our attention.  And, depending on what is wrong, fixing the problem may be easy, difficult, or impossible.  Even when it is possible, our repair job will be subtely different from what our bodies did, or should do, on their own.

Our bodies are incredibly strong.  They are designed with their own repair processes.  They will knit broken bones, mend tears in skin, hunt down viruses and bacteria.  When the problem is beyond our bodies’ innate repair abilities, they accomodate our intervention.  We can insert steel and thread, ingest chemicals, and share blood with others to help facillitate healing.  And at the end of our interventions, our bodies will adapt to what is now, however different it may seem to us, and do their best to keep going.

And we live between the incredible intricacies and the amazing resiliency of these bodies.  They break, stop working, fall apart, and eventually nothing more can be done.  

I love my body.  I just struggle with liking what my body does some of the time.