A priest once used a very nice fence based analogy while we were talking about praying. Someday I’ll remember it and perhaps even write it out for you. For today, I have this poem about praying. I’m still working with that fence analogy. 

There are the prayers I murmur every day
at siren’s sound
or baby’s wail
in little ways
head bent over food
arms tightening around the traveler.

There the prayers I say
for the relationship in distress
or the family in waiting
these words I formulate
seeking to name great desire, great fear
hands outstretched, or clasping others.

There are the prayers I do not pray
but live
in the hope of a world more just
in the expectation of service to others
in the pursuit of peace
trying to be the gospel I pray.

These are the prayers I pray.
written 7-23-08