A brief recap of my life: surgery went well, I graduated, moved, and am job-hunting (something that is going well, just slowly).  I’ve spent a fair amount of time here talking about being sick, being healthy, recovering.  I’ll spend more time talking about those things.  (I’ll spend time talking about other things too.  Someday.)  But first we need to start with “surgery went well.”  It did. I even impressed several doctors with how well I recovered.  It was still my third surgery.  Which means that part of my spare time is spent talking to doctors’ offices (complicated by that moving thing) about further treatment.  Much like many other things doctors like for me to do, this is about as safe as this kind of thing can get.  And it scares me.

The quiet still fear
that lives in the corner,
never leaving,
rarely moving,
but why would it need to?
It’s presence keeps me still.
Keeps me in the room
Watching to see if today
is the day it moves
or grows
or remembers how to bite.

written 7/12/08