(This is not a very holiday related post.  For the record my 4th of July was wonderful.  But this too is timely.)

It’s not hard.  Taking these pills every morning.  A little discipline, a strategic glass of water.  And they slip into my morning routine.

But it is even easier not to take them.  You see earlier this week I found myself between perscriptions.  Before anybody panics let me say that while this is not ideal, it is not a major crisis.  And it doesn’t happen very often.  This was the first time in years that I haven’t been incredibly on top of refilling my prescriptions.  My theory is that the whole moving-changing insurance-changing pharmacies bits of the last couple of months caught me off kilter. 

So for a couple of days there were no pills to remember to take.  I am pretty good at this whole daily medication thing by now.  It has become so routine that there are days when I forget I’ve taken them.  But even still, it is so much easier not to take them.  It is still, after years of daily pills, easy for me to not take them.  I don’t feel like a part of my morning routine is missing.  I don’t feel like I’ve skipped something.  It’s easier.  It’s simpler.   

Days with pills.  They aren’t hard.  I manage it all the time.  There’s no huge burden.  But there is a burden.  It’s something added to my day.  To my life.  Not many people seem to understand, because it is such a small easy thing.

But a day without pills.  Easier.  Simpler.  Days I don’t get.  It’s not a big deal.  But it is something.  Everyday.