Christine at Abbey of the Arts is hosting her 21st Poetry Party. The theme she has picked is closed doors.  Click over and read why she picked this.  I’m not going to attempt to do it justice here.

It is an interesting theme in my life right now.  Surgery in March closed some doors for me.  Some immediately and some that I probably can’t see right now.  This is how life works.  It also asked me to walk through doors that other people don’t need to.  I’ve talked about this before.  This is a slightly different aspect of what I consider the same issue.

I knelt in prayer
to ask the question
which ought to be asked
so sure of the answer
this was a good thing,
for me, for the Kingdom of God
it wasn’t too easy
it wasn’t certain death
and so I raised up my question
and my hopes
so sure of the answer
only to hear something else
the rattle of a door not only closed
but locked too
a different answer which
opened doors for other people
and kept me where I needed to be
for my own self care
and I learned that
the ways of God
are not my ways.

written 7/3/08