I walked in
and found
space worn thin

kiva swollen round
long left fallow
feet touching holy ground

hidden in this hallow
labyrinth unwound
truth to speak, me to swallow

built of stone, built of ground
space fresh and new
knees bent, all by habit bound

this space other knew
as all knelt in corporate prayer
faith rubbed hard, faith made anew

red clay in humid air
known to my soles of my feet
cool clang of bell, humming prayer

I walk in
You to greet
in this: space worn thin

written 10/9/07

I get to spend the next week in some thin space (a concept from Celtic spirituality which holds that in some places the veil between our world and the spiritual is thinner).  It will be good for me–body and soul.  This is for me familiar space. And I need some time in space like this.

And as internet connectivity is really slow, it will help keep my email and blog addiction in check.