Last week was moving week in my life.  Hence the silence here.  Moving is about packing and boxes and makes me a little crazy.  But moving is also about doors.  Last week I closed the door to the space I called home for two years, I left behind the keys that would let me back into the space I have called home for three years.  Last week I returned here and opened doors to places I will always want to call home.  Doors.  Opening and closing; permanently, for periods of transition, hopefully shortly to new futures.

I hear them, you know
the doors as they swing shut
behind me,
paths never to be chosen.
It is not that I regret
choosing this door.
I saw the other doors,
considered some,
and now they swing shut, never again
to open for me,
and I am at peace.
For across this threshold
lie all the thousands of possibilities
I could dream of wanting.
New doors, propped open
waiting for new choices.

 written 5/20/08