I was sitting in church the other day listening to a sermon which included the phrase “it sounds an echo in my soul.”  As I listened I realized that right now not much is echoing through me.  And that this is not bad.  It is not that God is silent or ignoring me, or that God and I are currently estranged.  It is just that between surgery, and recovery, and graduating, and moving, and trying to find a job, and some family stuff, there’s not much extra of me.  So much of my energy goes into getting out of bed and getting through the day.  And this too will pass.  God is not done echoing through my soul.  We’re just taking a breather.

God and I are practicing
sitting tenderly with one another
like old friends who,
after shared meal,
sit quietly sipping coffee
knowing that what has been said,
has been said
and what will be said
need not be spoken now
knowing that this,
this tender quietude
is, right now,
communion enough

written 5/1/08