comfy couch

and blankets.
I don’t know how people recover (or cope with illness or pain) without them.  There’s something about being horizontal and warm in a place where you don’t sleep that is delightful.  It seems particularly luxurious to me, who has been living in couch-less dorm rooms for most of a decade now. 

 Fortunately, I have not been left couch-less over the last month and a half (six weeks tomorrow!).  I have several friends here who have been very gracious about offering to share their couches with me.  (And I know of many more who would have agreed to share with joy.)  I have taken several of them up and, in some cases, spent days on their couch.close enough blanket

As for blankets, I have been the delighted recipient of a “thank-you for watching our pet” blanket with which I have spent most of the past month and a half.  It is just the right amount of fuzzy and warm.  (Which are the two best criteria for blankets in my world.)

Fortunately, I think that the bulk of my heavy couch-and-blanket days are moving behind me.  More of my days are becoming better and I’m needing fewer and fewer naps to live my basic life. 

Recovery is long, and it’s not over yet.  But the longest, slowest stretch is coming to an end.  And I’ll have more to say about that later….

(Images are gratuitously stolen from the internet-at-large and selected for their general similarity to couches I used to know and blankets I now own.)