Most weeks selecting a poem to post is actually rather easy.  There’s usually something I’ve written or an old poem that really fits with my week somehow and up it goes.  Often the slowest part is writing this intro.  This past week, nothing seemed to work, I wasn’t writing, and I really didn’t want to be.  Not so much writer’s block as writer’s exhaustion. 

But this week I also bought a new toy, an expensive new toy.  I’m justifying this as my “I’ve survived surgery/graduated (in another few weeks)/and gotten a job (or will someday)” present to myself.  It made me think of this. 

he stood there
peering slightly down and said
“that’s not so bad”
“I can fix that”
and snap, flash
and snap, flash
and we were left
as I wondered,
if this is how God feels
as we peer out at Creation
and wonder if we couldn’t
do better
fix this
or if God,
peers slightly down,
and thinks,
do better!
fix this!      
written fall 2007