Having brain surgery between Lent 5 and Palm Sunday really skews Lent and Holy Week.  It completely interrupted my Lenten discipline.  It took the time in which I would have prepared for Holy Week.  I am hopeful that this is not an overly common problem, but it has certainly brought me to a place where I’m looking at Triduum service schedules and thinking “really, already?” 

Because of when I found out this was what would happen last week, I hadn’t really started planning my activities for the Triduum.  I assumed I would be involved in my parish and at my school, but exactly what that meant was very hazy.  Then I wasn’t sure I would be up to doing anything.  A fairly reasonable assumption for the week after brain surgery.  And the reality is, I’m probably not really up to doing much.  I will manage to attend a service each day and for that I’m grateful.  I would probably not do well were I one of the vested people for any service.  My energy level is still just too low.  To do that would, likely, be the Only Thing I did on any day.  And I’m am not needed.  But I almost feel like I could.

Instead, tonight I will gather with my community here at school, wearing comfortable “here at school” clothes.  I will sit in the pews.  My feet will not be washed.  Instead I will sit, quietly and contemplatively.  God will have no trouble finding me there, in my pew.

It is more than I had feared I would be able to do.  It is less than I wish I could do.

It is more than enough.