I will check myself in to Big City Hospital for surgery, brain surgery.  This is, clearly, not a Small Thing.  This is a Big Deal.  But as I told my Spiritual Director, I know something other people don’t.  I know that surgery is really just the first step, and for me the easiest.  You see, I sleep through surgery, heavy well-medicated and well-monitored sleep.  And then, after surgery, I wake up.  That’s when life gets…interesting.  The best case scenario is that surgery will have gone well and a few of my hormones will fluctuate mildly.  From there we go to major hormonal fluctuations or cessations and from there we move to a stroke, paralysis, or loss of vision.  After that there’s only death, which would be far worse for my family and friends than for me.

So, later this week I will check in for surgery.  Doctors and nurses will be by to start IV’s and double and triple check my id with the procedure.  The Anesthesiologist will come and start the medicated sleep. 

After that the only thing I can be sure of is that life will not look the same.  I should be back near a computer sometime late this week.  I will try to post once more this week.  If for no other reason than I don’t think blogging will be a priority until the weekend.